I just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation last night at MMA. Having taught high school for 33 years, I truly appreciate what you were able to accomplish with our team in that “classroom” for the 2 hours of your presentation. The way you were able to get our players to feel the level of trust on our team in that short amount of time to allow many of them to appear vulnerable in front of their peers and reveal some of their deepest fears and dreams was incredible and moving. I believe that feeling of support and trust will stand us in good stead as a team when the “bullets of the season” start to fly. They will believe they can rely on each other. You channeled my favorite author Mark Twain who insisted that you “must teach, but you must not professedly teach.” Your manner and delivery were so subtle, that most of us never realized you were teaching one of the most important lessons of life: believe in your team and yourself. – Mike Rainnie, Mass Maritime Football