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I have worked with hundreds of sports teams, as well as individual coaches and athletes, to help them improve their mental game and teamwork. My goal is to transform collections of individuals into true communities in a practical, “real-world” way that is based on a solid theoretical foundation. My approach is these days you need to “soften” athletes in order to “harden” them, so my approach is often diametrically opposed to what many coaches and players think of as “team-building.”

As I have said in many places on this website, many children and adolescents today miss emotional/psychological “lessons” crucial to normal child development and so lack emotional skills that previous generations used to learn by osmosis. This is stressful, and a vicious cycle, because some of the psychological lessons kids don’t learn today are the very coping mechanisms needed  to deal with this stress. The lack of these emotional skills is especially apparent when these kids play athletics. However, if you teach players these emotional skills, they will feel better and play better. It’s that simple. That is the basis of my program.

How I Work

For the whole to be more than the sum of its parts, you need to work with both the whole and the parts. My programs for athletic teams typically include group exercises that build community and camaraderie and combat stress, as well as one-on-one sessions with each player to customize a personalized performance plan to help them both identify their emotional strengths as well as the obstacles that prevent them from fully utilizing those strengths. I also use videos to keep the momentum going in between visits.

I work with both heads and hearts. My programs include techniques so participants’ emotions are working for them, not against them. They will leave my program with a set of tools that will help them to manage their thinking and be more emotionally resilient.

The antidote to stress is community. I call stress “the great isolator.” Stress is one of the biggest reasons why a group can’t gel, because each individual is busy trying to manage their own demons and can’t reach out to anyone else. Athletic teams, with their built-in goals and camaraderie, provides the ideal framework for teaching players how to connect.

My goal is to achieve, real, lasting change, both in individual players and the team, that is identified during our work together. My programs give you the structure that allows you to succeed, support to help you succeed, and accountability to make sure you do succeed.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs, be it a team, a group of coaches or players (such as captains), or an individual player or coach.