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Lighthouse Seminar on November 3!

GROW Boston poster for Nov 3 event

G.R.O.W. – The Boston Project Presents

A Lighthouse Seminar:

Finding Your Purpose

Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:30pm

Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston St.

The Lighthouse Seminars are a perfect opportunity for Boston-area college students and 20-somethings to come together for inspiration, connection and information about building a life that centers around what you love.

  • Shed stress. Laugh. Relax.
  • Enjoy some music and awesome conversation.
  • Identify and manage key stressors.
  • Learn to find your passion and purpose and to take steps to build a life around that source of joy.
  • Leave with a comprehensive performance plan for success.
  • Enjoy the strengthened bond between you and your friends so you can conquer the future with a little help.

Lighthouse Seminars

Life can be stressful! Fulfilling your dream to achieve a degree and find success. Meeting new people. Challenging living situations. Finding time to party without slacking in school or work. So little time to get so much done. Did I pick the right major? Complex and confusing relationships. Figuring out what you want to do after school, or wondering, “Did I study the right stuff?” The list goes on and on.

The Lighthouse Workshops seek to help young people thrive under the pressures of life through the application of a revolutionary performance model. By connecting more closely with friends and classmates, people will learn a curriculum where everybody helps everybody grow in the direction of their dreams.

The result is a completely personalized performance plan that empowers each student or graduate to succeed in work or the classroom, create and maintain healthy friendships, and achieve goals in every area of college and graduate life. The Lighthouse Workshops support people to train their minds and hearts to maximize their full potential.

Please join us next Tuesday – Complimentary Refreshments & Light Bites

Free Admission – – – – – Donations Accepted