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Connecting the Dots: Videos for Schools

Connecting-the-Dots Video Series

We are excited to announce that to make this work affordable, scalable, and effective, we have developed a video format that allows people to learn our basic concepts on their own schedules. Our videos give our program “legs,” without me having to be in a building for a lot of hours. The videos are short (~2 minutes) and teach students some emotional skills that will help them calm down. These videos can be done with or without “The Show” assembly, but it’s ideal to put on the assembly first. There is also a series of accompanying videos for parents so they can support their child as they go through the process.

These videos need to be done with supervision, so I will need regular contact with participating students and parents, some of which needs to be in person, to both support students and keep them on track.

I have videos ready to go or am happy to make customized videos for your school.

Currently there are ten videos for students and a companion series for parents, but, thanks to a generous gift by Delta Dental, we will eventually have 36 videos—one per week for the school year—for both students and parents.

The videos should be voluntary for students. Parents of participating students are encouraged to watch the parent videos.

Participants have a private listserv, web page, or Discord page where they can share material.

My programs can be scaled up or down. Please contact me to discuss your school’s particular requirements. I will be glad to discuss your goals and how we can achieve them together.

Thanks to a generous grant by YouthWell New Hampshire, there is currently some funding in place that covers my fees for Connecting-the-Dots videos. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in this program and accessing the funding.