The work will be enjoyable, invigorating, trusting, purposeful and fun.

·      When I work with your son, daughter, family, team, company or yourself, it’s all about figuring out what you want, making a plan and achieving those goals.

·       We’ll face any mental/emotional obstacles head-on, and we’ll do so quickly.

·      I see clients in their homes, schools, offices and communities.

·       In addition to face-to-face meetings, I stay in touch with clients regularly by Skype, text, phone, etc., to see how things are going.

If you have a vision of how things need to be different in your life or the life of your son or daughter, family, team, organization or company—if you have goals and dreams that are going unrealized, please get in touch. I’ll help you quickly and compassionately. My approach is unique, powerful, effective, and fun.

For more specifics on what I do, here are some of my brochures:

Home-based Life Coaching for Young People, Individuals, and Families

Team-building for Athletes (although my team-building works for any group)

Confidence Coaching for Young People

Confidence Coaching for Athletes

School Programs

Reconnection Project for Public Schools

Reconnection Project for Private Schools

Corporate Programs

Raising Kids in the Digital Age: Selected Blog Posts

Looking forward to hearing from you.