Individual Life Coaching

I am a life coach who specializes in working with teens and 20-somethings and the adults who interact with them—parents, coaches, teachers, bosses, etc.—in individual and group settings.

I work with:

  • Individuals, in-person and virtually, typically young people or families who are struggling/in crisis and athletes who want to improve their performance.
  • Athletic teams to increase confidence and connection of both players and coaches.
  • Schools to help them mitigate the epidemic of anxiety and depression that affects so many students and staff.
  • Businesses to teach the young people they hire the soft skills they need to succeed and help them to integrate into a work environment.

By connecting the dots with respect to the global, rapid changes in our culture, I help young people reclaim the intangible emotional skills we older folks learned by osmosis to increase connection and confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

These skills include:

  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Hope
  • Imagination
  • Grit
  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Identity

We have written a booklet to give you more information on our approach.

I offer brief, free consultations for those considering my services. Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.