Individual Life Coaching

Jeff 6How I’m working during the COVID pandemic:

I continue to work with individuals and families using Zoom, or in-person when it is warm enough to work outside and an acceptable social distance can be maintained. For established or past clients, Zoom works really well. Of course, it’s a bit tougher to start out this way with new clients, but it’s working just fine for many families who need help now. As always, I am happy to work for as many hours as it takes for your family to make progress. If you feel that a more intensive program is needed, although I have suspended my in-person Weekend Intensive program for now, I am happy to arrange as many Zoom sessions as it takes for me to work with all the people involved.

As always, I am happy to discuss your case with you to see if I am a good fit for your child and family. Please use the form below or call or text me at 603-496-0305.

For kids who were doing OK but are stressed by the pandemic, I will be offering small-group Confidence Coaching classes starting in a few weeks. Please use the form below or call or text me at 603-496-0305 to sign up.

Life Coaching for Individuals, Families, Athletes and Businesses

My life coaching program is an ongoing relationship between myself and my client(s) that is designed to focus individuals and/or families, teams or groups on taking action toward the realization of their goals, visions or desires. What are your passions, and how are we going to get you to them?

As a therapist for more than 20 years, I was acutely aware of its limitations. I have found the life coaching model to be very effective, because it is not hierarchical; it’s a partnership. It’s about your passions and goals; about what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you. It is not about looking back and all about moving forward. It’s about coming up with a cogent, workable plan and making sure the plan is incorporated into your life.

No fifty-minute hour. No office with a Renoir print on the wall and no “Sorry, we’re out of time; see you next Wednesday at eleven.” I work with my clients in their homes, schools or businesses to achieve lasting change, and I am experienced, flexible, kind, understanding and VERY interested in helping you and your family/group/team to change.

I specialize in teens and 20-somethings and the adults who interact with them—parents, coaches, teachers, etc.—but I also work with adults and businesses.

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