Life Coaching for Adults

How I’m working during the COVID pandemic:

I continue to work with individuals and families using Zoom, or in-person when it is warm enough to work outside and an acceptable social distance can be maintained. For established or past clients, Zoom works really well. Of course, it’s a bit tougher to start out this way with new clients, but it’s working just fine for many families who need help now. As always, I am happy to work for as many hours as it takes for your family to make progress. If you feel that a more intensive program is needed, although I have suspended my in-person Weekend Intensive program for now, I am happy to arrange as many Zoom sessions as it takes for me to work with all the people involved.

As always, I am happy to discuss your case with you to see if I am a good fit for your child and family. Please use the form below or call or text me at 603-496-0305.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between coach and client that is designed to focus individuals and/or families on taking action toward the realization of their goals, visions or desires. Life-coaching is a great option for adults who want to make emotional or material changes in their lives. Coaching helps you to quickly cut through the mustard so you can figure out what’s holding you back from being happy, having great relationships, experiencing joy, or achieving specific life goals. Adults get their jackets snagged on emotional branches, often the same branch over and over again. Clients receive warm, consistent support so they can create a plan to discover their passions, talents and strengths and to design a personal path to actualize that plan. When therapy hasn’t worked, relationships aren’t feeling that good, you are stressed, can’t get into shape, drinking/eating too much, etc., life coaching can move you from merely thinking about changing to actually making those changes, no matter where you are starting.

Here’s how I do it:

  • I work with my clients in their homes and come up with an appointment plan that works for you. I can meet clients anywhere: in their homes, at the workplace, wherever it is most comfortable and convenient, although I prefer to start by meeting in the home, as I learn more. Once a relationship has been established, we can meet where it is most convenient and comfortable for you.
  • My program is flexible, depending on your needs: Typically, the initial sessions are a couple of hours, and once a plan is devised, we meet however often and for however long it’s needed to keep the client moving forward. If hours are needed, we do hours. If a 30-minute check-in is sufficient, we do a 30-minute session. If you are in crisis, I will spend as many hours or days as it takes for you to get through it.
  • I am available and accessible. I keep in touch via phone, Skype, email, text, FB messaging; whatever it most comfortable and convenient for the client. For those who need help in the middle of the night or on weekends, I am here, as I have 24/7 availability via the phone.
  • The coaching model is one that can work over long distances, and I can travel. Clients outside of New England usually bring me in for an intense couple of days of work. Once we have a plan, I have worked long-distance successfully with clients via phone, Skype, email, texting, and Facebook messaging, with occasional face-to-face visits as needed.
  • We come up with a plan. My evaluation results in a plan where we figure out how to build a path to a healthier, safer, happier life. This includes a description of what the issues are, and then, together, we come up with a road map that will guide you towards your goals, so true healing can take place. A working contract is designed that includes a description of the issues to be addressed and initial steps needed to begin to address them.
  • There is forward movement quickly. Coaching is based on a partnership that is based on trust and accountability. This trust provides a foundation of comfort and acceptance that allows clients to begin to move forward almost immediately.
  • A process of inquiry and discovery is used to strengthen awareness and personal/family responsibility, and clients are provided with appropriate structure, feedback and support. Clients are able to be extremely purposeful and direct in working with me to co-create ideas and recommendations that stem from individual or family strengths.
  • The process is concentrated and efficient. Feedback is given directly and honestly.
  • The priority during this fluid process is always to meet the goals developed by the client. You will feel empowered and supported with sensible, challenging structure and support.
  • The emphasis is on sustainable, measurable, practical change, both short and long-term, and clients will be supported and held accountable to the steps to which they commit.
  • The objective is always to engender self-reliance and a true change in a client’s consciousness or family culture.The overarching goals are to restore you to happiness and optimal functioning.

I am a low-risk and low-cost option to try: You can try me for a couple of times to see if I can connect with you.

The word “coach” evolved from the Hungarian word, kocsi, meaning wagon or carriage.  As I understand it, when Hungarians started playing soccer, there was no name for the leader.  Sure enough, he was named after something in which you relax to travel.

In life’s journey, we all have three directions from which to choose: backwards, in circles, or in the direction of our dreams. I want to be part of your family’s journey and, as your coach, carry you a little further towards that clear, increasingly insistent beacon of your dreams. No matter what your situation is right now, I can help.