Life Coaching for Athletes

What are your dreams? What’s in the way? How are we going to get there?

My work with individual (or groups of) high school, college, semi-pro and pro athletes provides a proven methodology for motivated, aspiring young people and their families to develop a refreshing, dynamic focus on personal, family and team goals on and off the field, providing powerful psychological tools to turn vision into reality.

Any athletic coaching client will get crystal clear about what drives him or her emotionally and makes him/her tick mentally: what makes you a strong, focused, confident competitor, and what holds you back? What makes you a great, coachable teammate, and what’s not helpful?

I also help parents: What skills do parents need for truly effective support? How can we guide our student-athlete to success without being overbearing or negligent: where’s that perfect balance point? How do we teach our young men/women to shed stress, develop deepening confidence and focus and truly enjoy the ride?

Bottom line: My work supports athletes to become amazing competitors and young peoeple.

Take-aways include:

• Controlling the stress of competition.

• Develop a greater understanding of who you are as a player or parent, in essence take ownership of your mentality – and therefore your game – “on and off the field.”

• Gain confidence, focus, and leadership (parenting) skills.

• Embrace your strengths and challenges – maximize personal potential as a highly coachable, recruitable athlete and maximally effective parent – enjoy steady improvement in all you do.

• Learn how to turn personal gremlins into memories.

• Become a champion! Develop the personal power to turn dreams into reality.

I work in person, by phone, text and Skype. Every athlete is evaluated in several key mental dynamics, including fluid confidence, ability to focus, true motivation, ability to be present and growth potential.

What are your dreams? What’s in the way? How are we going to get there?