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Reconnection Project Programs Booking Now

Reconnection Project Programs Booking Now

ONLY A FEW SLOTS LEFT! The Reconnection Project has only a few open days left in August for professional development programs for teachers and is booking now for in-school programs for students, teachers, and/or parents in the fall.

The Reconnection Project (RP) is a flexible program to reduce stress and anxiety in school communities by working with three constituent groups: teachers/coaches, parents, and students. We have a few available days left in August to do professional development for faculty.

In our faculty program, we emphasize community-building, support, and self-care as well as teaching educators how to give students the emotional skills they need to relax and succeed within existing curriculum frameworks.

The RP:

  • Teaches students emotional skills to help them manage stress, develop self-awareness, and build confidence and resilience.
  • Supports and teaches staff how to incorporate those skills into what they are already teaching and provides staff support for classroom challenges.
  • Educates parents about the problem and gives them parenting techniques to teach these skills at home.

Schools, and the connections they foster, can be the cornerstone of a program to measurably improve student mental health. That is what The Reconnection Project does.

Retired N.H. Chief Justice John Broderick can co-present with Jeff upon request.

Teaching Emotional Skills

Many parents and educators know that their children—their own children, their friends’ or relatives’ children, and/or the children they teach or coach—are sad, depressed, and/or anxious. In fact, many children themselves know they have a problem. However, almost everyone is at a loss as to why this has happened or how to fix it.

The causes are cultural and, as a result, many children today miss psychological “lessons” crucial to normal child development and so lack emotional skills that previous generations used to learn by osmosis.

Fortunately, children today are hard-wired for connection and growth the same way they have always been. In fact, they crave these things. So we can remedially teach these psychological lessons and thus dramatically improve the mental health of many of today’s kids. It’s that simple.

Help for Faculty, Parents, and Students

The Reconnection Project works with all school constituencies—administrators, teachers, coaches, parents, and, of course, students—to understand what is happening and to teach kids these emotional skills so their stress and anxiety levels are measurably reduced.

It is no coincidence that our program is called the “Reconnection Project”—we foster connections among all three constituent groups, but a big part of our program is to strengthen student peer-to-peer connections so students can help each other.

Here is more information on the Reconnection Project.

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