In Your Eyes: Mirroring for Confidence

Jeff Levin, Life Coach, plays some music.

Sigmund Freud said, “How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved.”

Boldness is the ability, the willingness, the love of taking risks. The risks don’t have to include sky diving or free climbing El Capitan, but boldness is an important component to happiness, because it means that you are living without fear.

I know what you’re thinking: you love your kids, so you should be all set, right?

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The Kiln: Your Pathway to Contentment

Experience All of Life

Your pathway to contentment and wellness on every level has to be natural, dog-eared, hard-fought, and real. It can’t come from a book. It’s got to be an inside job. It comes from what I call being in “the kiln,” where your triumphs and your tragedies are melded together and strengthened by fire, or it doesn’t last and it isn’t real, and it definitely won’t cut the mustard with the kids you parent, coach or teach.

What do I mean by “the kiln?” Read more

The Blast Furnace of Stress

Getting through one’s adolescence safe and psychologically sound reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite action movies, The Rock, starring Sean Connery, Ed Harris, and Nicholas Cage. (My wife makes fun of me every time I watch it – so what if I’ve only seen it about ten times?)  Sean has guided the government forces into the bowels of Alcatraz Island, where maniac Marine Ed Harris has a beef with the federal government so has missiles aimed at San Francisco.

In order to gain access to the prison, Connery explains, he’s going to have to roll through this fearsome blast furnace tunnel, timing things perfectly with the blasts of fire, or else get charred to smithereens. Of course his new colleagues think he’s nuts. Because he’s Sean Connery, he smoothly rolls through the furnace and unlocks the door to the room where they’re all waiting, opening the door with a smile that says, “No problem, boys.” Read more