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The Reconnection Project Podcast!

The Reconnection Project Podcast!

Although it is a struggle to come up with many silver linings to COVID, one silver lining for us at Jeff Levin Coaching is it has given us time in the office to catch up on some things we have always wanted to do. One of those things is a podcast—we are happy to announce The Reconnection Project Podcast series.

If you know Jeff Levin Coaching, you know that there are three “divisions” to our business: individuals/families, teams, and schools. Different podcast episodes will appeal to each of these groups, with quite a bit of overlap. In each episode, we give tips on how to help the kids in our lives deal with the overwhelming pressure a host of cultural factors put on them, causing many to be anxious and depressed. Thankfully, there are easy ways to alleviate this pressure, whether you are a parent, educator, or coach—that’s what this podcast is about.


So far, we have released two episodes:

Episode 1, “Pivot Point,” is a discussion between school principals Steve Sierpina (Windham, N.H. High) and Jason Strniste (Bishop Guertin H.S. in Nashua, N.H.), Justice John Broderick (Senior Director of External Affairs for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health) about how this COVID-19 tragedy offers all of us—students, teachers, and parents—a huge and wonderful opportunity to permanently change our lives and relationships for the better. This podcast will be of interest to both educators and parents.

Episode 2, “Coaching for Confidence: Part 1” This episode, especially for coaches, follows the Zoom curriculum Jeff and his colleagues have designed so teams can continue to connect and work on their mental game while everyone is home during the COVID pandemic. Jeff is doing this Zoom program with the Niagara University Men’s Hockey team (Division I), and the players, coaches, and parents have all graciously allowed the Reconnection Project Podcast to follow along. In this episode, Jeff talks with Jason Lammers, Head Coach, about the cultural challenges kids and parents face today, which changes the relationships coaches have with both. They give some tips to coaches about how to help their players to improve their confidence and mental game on game day and beyond.

Coaching for Confidence: Part 2 and an episode especially for parents will be released soon. We have a podcast landing page on our web site, and we encourage you to subscribe to The Reconnection Project podcast wherever you get your podcasts.