Corporate Workshops

Workshops for the Business Setting

My corporate offerings are based on the fact that maximizing the human capital of any organization will reflect in the bottom line. To the extent that people are connected, focused, working together, empathic, inspired and contented is the extent to which the company truly profits in every sense of the word.

Please take a look at the array of offerings below; customizing a program for your business, whether a one-time workshop or keynote or longer-term work, is no problem.

Human Capital Audit
The Audit takes a comprehensive look at your company’s levels of success on a variety of scales that measure individual and team contentment, communication, focus, connection, passion, empathy and the like. The process involves a series of highly directed individual and group meetings, which provide both an overall sense of the company’s human capital effectiveness as well as challenges along with recommended methodology for improvement.

The Juggling Act: Work, Family and Self
This workshop offers busy participants an opportunity to take a nurturing breather together to examine ways of balancing the important responsibilities in their lives in an effort to engender more stability, satisfaction, fulfillment and contentment. Participants will design new plans for managing their time and decreasing stress, all with an eye toward building a personal understanding of one’s deepest goals and objectives.

Maximizing the Click
It is well understood that in anyone’s personal or professional pursuits, there come those magic times when everything falls together: the energy is just right, things work perfectly and the results are absolutely terrific. This can take place at different times in our lives no matter what the pursuit—athletics, dance, music, personal relationships, meditating—and may last for a chorus of your guitar solo, for the half-hour meeting with your biggest customer or for a week’s vacation with your fiancée. Increasing the number of clicks should be a goal of every business.

The question any leader of an organization needs to ask is, “How do I find ways to maximize the click?” In other words, what can be done proactively to create the kind of synergy, force, spirit and creative juices, which seem to fuel the click? This workshop provides the forum where these answers can be discovered, and the results will be fantastic.

Motivational Address
Motivational speaking must move listeners and here, I believe the bottom line is to help folks see that the ultimate choice is theirs.  This concept, when fully understood, is absolutely liberating and, in fact, very powerful.  No longer can one blame other people or factors; one takes responsibility for all the choices one makes each day, and these are all directed towards success or failure.  To be conscious of this process, though: that’s the trick!  Using a lot of humor and involving participants appropriately, people really think deeply about the ways in which they’re living each day, at home and at work.  Once that is accomplished, deep changes can occur for them and for the business they run or to which they contribute. What kinds of relationships do people create in their lives?  How are they spending their valuable time?  How are they treating those in their lives whom they would say are important to them?  In a word, in what ways are people “stuck” and in what ways are they living the lives they imagine?

Right-Brain Rehab: Writing Your Own Prescription for Creativity & Joy
Daily life and work, are, as we know, enormously demanding, and in the sway of professional and family responsibilities, important dreams can be lost along the way. The Rehab workshop will provide proven methods to re-connect with personal creative goals and energy. Is it the saxophone you’ve always wanted to play in lieu of those oppressive piano lessons you were forced into as a kid? Can you never find the time to pick up your old paintbrushes? Have you always wanted to keep a journal? Spend more time in the natural world?  Whatever your creative/personal/spiritual desires, this experience will help you set your priorities, organize your time and invigorate your personal and professional lives as you begin to fulfill your deep creative needs.

You can expect:

• to leave with a concrete plan for increased joy and creativity

• to make a strong commitment to the specifics of that plan

• to feel increasing energy, passion and positive self-regard

• to begin right away actualizing your long-held and perhaps long-shelved creative, personal or shared family plans and dreams.

Morale in the Workplace: Developing Community Energy and a Healthier “Bottom Line”
This seminar offers business leaders a fresh, rejuvenating opportunity to re-think their leadership styles and skills with an eye to supporting employees in their lives as a whole.  The workshop teaches compassionate leadership skills that will result in personal and professional growth for everyone concerned.  The bottom line will be re-configured to include new kinds of profit as well as personal and company “expansion.”

Emotional Intelligence in Business: Tapping the Collective Creativity
Participants are provided an understanding of the research on emotional intelligence in order to maximize people’s strengths as well as invigorate communication and collaboration.  In addition, participants take away a new, broader comprehension of their own emotional I.Q., which supports their lives and relationships, both in and out of work.  This workshop increases individual and collective productivity, raising people’s spirits and levels of self-awareness.

Leadership Team-Building
This training provides those in charge an opportunity to create team energy through powerful, didactic and experiential activities.  The focus is on deepening connections, communication and inter-reliance, all based upon the development of a leadership team mission statement.  That statement is revamped and modernized during the workshop to include people’s core values and essential talents and desires at the workplace.